Conflicts of Interest Policy

Conflicts of Interests are situations that firms of lawyers have to ensure as far as possible, do not arise. Existing and even future, potential clients need peace of mind and reassurance that no other matter taken on or being dealt with by the Firm will have any negative impact upon their matter in hand.

We operate a check system to ensure as far as possible, that any, or any potential conflicts of interest are identified and resolved at the earliest opportunity.

Conflicts of Interest Concerns

We have to have procedures in place to ensure as far as possible that conflict situations do not arise.

We are NOT able to act in any matter where a conflict of interest or a significant risk of a conflict of interest has been identified (except in very limited circumstances).

Conflicts of interest can take two forms:

1. A conflict between the conveyancer and the client
2. A conflict between 2 or more clients


Examples of a Conveyancer/Client conflict are:

• A conveyancer using his/her professional position in order to gain benefit
• When circumstances prevent the conveyancer from acting in the client’s best interests


• acting for two different clients who are competing for the same objective – i.e. trying to purchase the same property

Our Promise

We will endeavour to check for any or any potential conflict of interest situation before taking on any new matter. We will check whether by taking on your matter, it will adversely affect any existing or previously held clients. We will also assess whether there is any reason why we will not be able to act for you to our fullest potential and in your best interests as a client.

If any problem or potential problem is identified during this initial assessment, we may not be able to take on your matter and act on your behalf.

If this situation does arise, we will explain this to you in detail and refer you if we are able, to an alternative Firm of lawyers who will be able to assist you further with your matter.